5 Moderate Exercises For Better Fitness

When told to do some exercises, most people picture themselves panting and heavily out of breath as well as not being able to move or wake up the next day. In as much as some fitness exercises may do this to anyone, especially a newbie or one who does not exercise as much, it is contrary to the broader meaning of fitness. Some fitness exercises can be as simple as learning A, B, C’s and I’ll highlight them as well as explain how to go about them:

Do the Walking:


Yes, walking counts as exercise. Make use of your surroundings. You can walk your dog, with your partner or child. Encourage your family to do the walking exercise daily and you’ll find yourselves burning calories while enjoying the surroundings and getting enough sunlight that is really good for your body.

Exercise While Doing Chores:


Make sure you get to use chores to sweat and burn calories. Some of these chores include gardening, vacuuming, car washing, lawn mowing, raking leaves and doing laundry. They are effective moderate exercises to do at home. Instead of using machines and gadgets to perform these chores among others, use your hands and you will get to lose some fats.

Discover the Wonders of Yoga:

Yoga is an effective exercise that engages and energizes the body as well as the soul. The basics of yoga are pretty easy to get. The yoga poses and positions are not too complicated to learn and have been proven to be effective. A five-minute yoga session can perk you up and recharge the body with the energy you lost for the whole day.


Join Exercise Programs at Work:

If there is none, then go ahead and start it. Talk to your boss or with your colleagues for this. You can lose calories at the same time bonding with your workmates. These can be sessions that go for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Engage Yourself in Sports:


Just like I’ve just mentioned, join exercise programs at work, which could be sports. They don’t necessarily have to be at work, but you can join sports individually, with your spouse or even with your buddies. Play basketball, football, tennis, badminton among other sports. Doctors have recommended sports as an effective method of staying fit and healthy. Take them moderately and not too seriously. Even with another friend, playing sports will be effective.

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    (August 15, 2017 - 14:47)

    I think we all underestimate the physical aspect of chores; gardening!

      Mũigai Mũya

      (August 15, 2017 - 14:56)

      They are the little things but can have some massive impact


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    I want to to thank you for this very good read!!
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