How To Choose Running Shoes

So, on September 30th 2017, I plan to be part of the UAP Old Mutual Ndakaini Half Marathon and on October 29th 2017, I also plan to be part of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. I have been part of these races before and from the point of a participant, running shoes play a very […]

Science-Based Tips for Losing Weight

So, we all want to lose weight and look and feel better. You might have tried dieting, fasting, exercising and much more but it has either been unsuccessful, or the success rate is really low. The one thing you might have forgotten is that the science behind losing weight lies with the food you eat. […]

5 Benefits of Meditation

So, I introduced meditation as a fitness exercise some few days ago. I talked of meditation being a fitness exercise for the mind. It is that practice that practices the mind to actualize or realize something. It will turn your attention away from distracting thoughts and will focus on the present moment. Depending on how […]

Meditation: The Beginners’ Guide

Today, let’s hold off on physical fitness practices and work on the mental ones. With that, meditation comes to mind. Meditation is an art or practice of individually operating the mind to realize some benefit. It is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It is a deceptively simple process […]

The Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga literally means union. I am getting this from my previous article on ‘Yoga, Explained’. From that article, I explained that yoga comes in different forms, each focusing on different aspects of a person and their relations to life, in order to achieve yoga or union. In this article, let’s look at how yoga helps […]

50 Reasons to Exercise

Everywhere you go, read or whatever you watch and/or listen to, has to involve the element of ‘staying fit’. The whole essence of this blog is to emphasis on the same. There are many reasons you are being told or being directed towards the ‘staying fit’ road. I have compiled 50 reasons why you should […]

Running As A Fitness Exercise

Running is not so much fun to many people. To many, it is the last option when it comes to a tricky situation. It is however so much fun to others. It is a sport at the Olympics where so many athletes around the world have claimed fame from. They are professionals but here, we […]

Delightful Tips To Help Lose Belly Fat

We all want to live a happy life. This includes having a perfect body. This will also mean eliminating the belly which, naturally comes from taking certain foods as well as having some types of lifestyle. Now that it is there, here are some tips on how to fight this lingering problem READ: Worst Foods […]

Yoga Explained

Yoga literally means union. It is understood as the union between an individual’s conscience and the universal conscience. Yoga’s process is any method used to reach your higher nature. In the West, yoga has been understood to mean poses, which is just one of the many aspects of yoga. Hatha Yoga is the science of […]

The Role of Water in Fitness

Water is the building block of life. We use water daily in almost all aspects of life. Whether it is for exercises or not, we need water. You should hydrate to avoid detrimental effects of dehydration.   For anyone who wants to stay fit, water has a special role in their life in the following […]

Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Each person is different from the other. When it comes to putting on weight, some develop big thighs, some experience expanding butts and others pack unwanted weight just about everywhere. Men in particular, pack belly fat. Here are some of the foods that really promote the packing of a belly fat: Alcohol: Just like the […]

The Amazing Role of Sleep in Fitness

When it comes to fitness, most people think of exercises and yes, diet. However, there is a third ingredient, sleep. Even if you exercise and take the best diet as well as hydrate, if you lack sleep, you are doing nothing.  Elude sleep at your own peril. Think about the last time you had a […]

Best Fitness Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

With time, some of the facilities and activities from the past, are becoming obsolete. I believe it is now time for the gym to become obsolete as well and get DELETED!! With a smartphone, you really do not need to enlist in a gym; you can do your exercises at home or on the go. […]

How You Are Being Watched

Internet privacy has become a diminishing concept with each dawning day. We use the internet, not knowing whether our usage is completely safe. It could be that someone somewhere is watching you, even as you read this article. This begs the question: “is ‘Privacy’ no longer a term for the Internet?” This Is What Happens: […]

New Technology, New Threats

Each day, something new is created, or at least an advancement to an existing one is made. In terms of technology, the creativity is out if this world, both literally and metaphorically. We’ve seen the advancement from typewriters, to computers, to smart-phones, smart-tvs and so many other new things. These devices are here to simplify […]

Cellphones Versus Radiations

Cell phone use has become a daily habit for almost everyone in the world. They have evolved from the original use which was making and receiving calls to become a sort of obsession and some people, find it hard to put their phones down. However good they are and how they have transformed our lives, […]

Virtual Currencies: The Future of Payments?

Over the course of the last of ten years, virtual currencies have really revolutionized digital payments. They include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Peercoin among others. The European Banking Authority defined virtual currency as “a digital representation of value that is neither issued by a central bank or a public authority, nor necessarily attached to a fiat currency, but […]