The Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga literally means union. I am getting this from my previous article on ‘Yoga, Explained’. From that article, I explained that yoga comes in different forms, each focusing on different aspects of a person and their relations to life, in order to achieve yoga or union.

In this article, let’s look at how yoga helps us in our everyday life as well as how the mind, body and spirit achieve the necessary union.


Physical Benefits of Yoga:

  • Increases flexibility by supporting connective tissues
  • Releases pent-up muscle tension
  • Improves strength and balance
  • Enhances immune system performance
  • Corrects back posture while reducing back pain
  • Regulates cholesterol production


Mental Benefits of Yoga:

  • Improves focus
  • Calms brain activity to improve sleep patterns
  • Reduces severity of anxiety and depression
  • Stimulates important brain functioning for improved critical thinking skills

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga:

  • Encourages meditation and reflection
  • Strengthens sense of self-awareness
  • Builds appreciation for the people and experiences around you


Continuing with this list, yoga can also:

  • Reduce menopausal hot flashes
  • Improve a person’s balance
  • Make you more graceful
  • Help prevent migraines
  • Delay aging by stimulating detoxification in the body
  • Relieve constipation
  • Alleviate symptoms of allergies
  • Increase tolerance to pain
  • Reduce blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Help prevent diseases by massaging internal organs
  • Help improve your immune system
  • Heal the body as well as prevent injuries
  • Improve one’s posture.


The believed medicinal effects of yoga include alleviating pain associated with terminal illnesses, reducing the intensity of emotional disorders for veterans, and helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

I am a (professional) wrestling fan. With this, comes the need to follow up on wrestler’s lives. One of them, a former World Heavyweight Champion famously known as Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), started a fitness instruction school where, as per his website, is “for athletes like himself who had suffered years of injuries due to high impact sports.”


DDP developed a yoga fitness program initially called Yoga for Regular Guys Workout or YRG after recovering from ruptures to his L4/L5 discs in 1998 and discovering the health benefits of yoga through his former wife, Kimberly. Subsequently, he wrote a book and started releasing videos titled DDP YOGA

DDP is a true testament of how yoga has helped people overcome health and life conditions. The alumni of his classes can clearly testify as to this. Try yoga today!!

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