Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Each person is different from the other. When it comes to putting on weight, some develop big thighs, some experience expanding butts and others pack unwanted weight just about everywhere. Men in particular, pack belly fat.

Here are some of the foods that really promote the packing of a belly fat:

  1. Alcohol:


Just like the photo above, alcohol, sugar and belly fat go hand-in-hand. Ethanol does not help the body and will be treated as a toxin by the liver. Clearing it requires the liver to work more than it should. A series of chemical reactions will go on in the body and you end up with VLDL (Very low-density lipoprotein) which is stored in your fat tissue. The VLDL contributes to heart diseases and the corresponding belly fat.

This is the stuff that causes a lot of health issues and surround your organs giving you a big gut. This is why people get beer bellies because that’s the area that gets filled with the fat produced by alcohol. .

Some of the fat won’t even be able to get out of the liver, so you’ll have a fat droplet just sitting in the liver and now you have your alcoholic fatty liver disease.


  1. Sugar:

Was there a doubt what would be number two on this list?

Dr. Rober Lustig has repeatedly said that “Sugar is poison, it is a chronic…dose-dependent hepato liver toxin.” Once you understand how sugar is processed in the body it leaves very little debate as to whether or not sugar could be considered a toxin and you start to see how a lot of modern health issues are caused by sugar.

Sugar is made up of equal parts, glucose and fructose. Fructose is what really causes the problem. Just like ethanol or alcohol, fructose is not necessary for any biological process. It is therefore treated like a foreign substance and almost 100% of it is processed in the liver, as a toxin. The liver has to work four times as hard because it processes over 80% of the sugar that comes in.


Just like alcohol, a series of chemical reactions will take place and you will end up with VLDL. Again, not all the fat can get out of the liver cells so fat accumulates in the liver and now you get non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

  1. Trans Fats:

Where do I start with these? Why don’t you read about how seed oils are processed here? Trans fats are fats that have been manipulated by man, making them even worse than old-fashioned fats like lard or butter. The way these trans fats are manufactured, results in a substance that the human body is not properly equipped to digest, leading to all kinds of health problems, including a protruding belly.

  1. Soda:

Again, where do I start with this monster? Like earlier mentioned, sugar is the problem. The fructose in soda will do nothing but keep you on the ‘Unhealthy’ list, if there was anything like that. Even the so-called ‘diet’ soda, won’t shield you from hunger for long. You’ll therefore end up eating more, and the rest is self-explanatory. A soda belly is also a reality.

soda in supermarket

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  1. White flour:

Man really is the engineer of his own happiness, as well as his own downfall! Man has consistently engineered and manipulated white flour, by heavily processing it, depleting its nutritional benefits drastically and what you are left with is a food that that is treated as a carbohydrate by the body, which is therefore stored, a spike in blood sugar and it therefore stays in the stomach for less time meaning you’ll get hungry easily and will result in you eating more often, rapidly expanding that belly.


  1. Salt:

Salt, just like if it is left open in the atmosphere, retains water even in the body. Excess salt is packed up in the digestive system and the kidneys. This leads to increase in blood pressure and being overweight and this is DANGEROUS!! Again, too much salt will slow the digestive system’s processes and will result in weight gain


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